10 Times Team Ropers Made Us LOL

Some of Spin To Win Rodeo's Best Bloopers
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Some of Spin To Win Rodeo's Best Bloopers

That time Jade Corkill tried to trick us. 

And the time Spencer Mitchell and Dakota Kirchenschlager "scared 'em".

When we caught Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith in a bro hug...

When the Minors and Brandon and Jim Ross all won the same round...

And when Turtle Powell told us just how particular Derrick Begay really is.

That time Coleman Proctor and Jake Long talked about their dads...

And when we learned how good Kaleb Driggers really is at math. 

That time Shada told us who actually tunes on her barrel horses...

That year we all just had a really great time...

Oh, and we almost forgot... That time Patrick Smith got bucked off (after we found out he was OK, of course).