Jade Corkill: What I'll Tell My Kids About Rodeo

Jade Corkill: What I'll Tell My Kids About Rodeo

What Jade Corkill will tell his kids about making it in professional rodeo. read more


Kids' Horse Must-Haves with JoJo LeMond

Chelsea Toy

JoJo LeMond’s three kids—Newt, 10, Shaylee, 7, and Gunnar, 6-—all have their iconic dad to look up to when it comes to roping and riding. But that doesn’t mean he’ll just throw them on any great horse that comes along. LeMond is careful that each of his kids has a horse that fits them and their needs, and he breaks down what each horse must have to fit into his junior-rodeo herd. read more

A Finalist’s Mental Approach with Kollin VonAhn

Chelsea Toy

Kollin VonAhn won the College National Finals Rodeo heeling for Ryan Carter in 2005, and since then he’s won three Wrangler National Finals Rodeo average titles and two gold buckles. He knows a thing or two about making the best of things at the end, and his mental approach to a high-pressure situation plays a big part in that. read more

Sled Work for Kids (and Adults, too!) with Travis Graves

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Working on a sled, like the Heel-O-Matic, can really improve a young heeler’s key skills—first and foremost position, followed by timing and dallying. The sled allows you to slow it down and work on everything in a controlled environment. read more

Big Loop, Big Pressure: Dummy Ropings

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Dummy ropings are serious business across the U.S., teaching kids the basics of competition while honing their rope-handling skills under the spotlight. read more

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought My Permit with Coleman Proctor

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Coleman Proctor debunks some myths about the first year of rodeoing for a living. read more

Before You Can Reach with Ty "Blaster" Blasingame

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Ty “Blaster” Blasingame has made a career out of his long game, but along the way he’s learned plenty of lessons about what a guy needs to do before he starts dropping coils. He breaks it down here. read more

Self-Worth and Your Mental Game with Patrick Smith

Chelsea Toy

Two-time world champ Patrick Smith talks winning and losing in rodeo and team roping. read more

Young Guns with Patrick Smith: Developing Timing

Chelsea Toy

Patrick Smith discusses how timing is an essential ingredient to good heeling. read more

Young Guns with Patrick Smith: Part 2, Delivery

Chelsea Toy

Delivery is one of the most misunderstood parts of heeling. read more

Learning Distance: Patrick Smith Helps Young Heelers

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Patrick Smith says the number-one problem heelers encounter is their distance through the corner. read more

Building Our Ranks: Grassroots Ways to Grow Team Roping

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NFR-qualifier Drew Horner talks about how to grow the sport at a local level. read more

Skill-Building Team Roping Games for Kids

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Kory Koontz, Jackie Crawford, Charly Crawford, Jake Long and Clay Tryan talk team roping fun for young and developing ropers. read more

Five Habits Kids Should Avoid in the Roping Arena

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Trevor Brazile, Derrick Begay, Charly Crawford, Martin Lucero and Ryan Motes break down five habits you should never let your kids start in the roping pen. read more

Young Guns: Growing Up with a World Champion Dad

Chelsea Toy

How Jake and Jim Ross Cooper, Tuf Cooper and Ryan Motes managed expectations and advantages of world champion fathers. read more

Being a Dad on the Road with Travis Graves

Chelsea Toy

Travis Graves talks parenting on the rodeo road. read more

World Series of Team Roping

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Where-To-Rope Guide


9/15; ACTRA Roping, Brown’s Valley, (530) 701-9456 9/28; WSTR Qualifier, Norco, (909) 223-1215 10/26; WSTR Qualifier, Riverside, (909) 223-1215
11/29-12/1; Maui Classic, Makawao, (254) 968-0002
9/1-2; ACTRA Roping, Sparks, (775) 848-9387 9/4; ACTRA Roping, Reno, (618) 670-4963 9/7; ACTRA Roping, Gardnerville, (775) 781-8861 9/7; ACTRA Roping, Fernley, (775) 690-4560 10/5; ACTRA Roping, Fallon, (775) 690-4560
8/31; ACTRA Roping, Stanfield, (541) 571-1373 8/31; ACTRA Roping, Hermiston, (541) 571-1373 8/31; ACTRA Roping, Terrebonne, (541) 815-3811 9/1; ACTRA Roping, Terrebonne, (541) 815-3811 9/7; WSTR Qualifier, Pendleton, (406) 360-2225
9/7; ACTRA Roping, Colville, (509) 680-2145 9/14; ACTRA Roping, Deer Park, (509) 951-0461 9/15; ACTRA Roping, Sunnyside, (509) 945-0422 10/6; ACTRA Roping, Sunnyside, (509) 945-0422 10/7; ACTRA Roping, Colville, (509) 680-2145


9/13-14; GCPRA Rodeo Sept., Holbrook, (254) 968-0002 9/21; GCPRA Rodeo Sept., Duncan, (254) 968-0002 9/21-22; Navajo Nation Championships, Window Rock, (254) 968-0002 10/5; GCPRA Rodeo Oct., Wilcox, (254) 968-0002

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