Jake Barnes is Repaired, 
Refreshed and Ready to Rope

Jake Barnes is Repaired, 
Refreshed and Ready to Rope

Barnes is back in action after knee surgery. read more

Jake Barnes

Barnes Is Taking Time to Recuperate and Refresh in 2016

Kendra Santos

Jake Barnes will undergo knee surgery this month. read more

Jake Barnes: How Low Can Team Roping Times Go?

Kendra Santos

Jake Barnes talks about the evolution of speed in team roping. read more

Take Life for Granted with Jake Barnes

Kendra Santos

Seven-time World Champion Header Jake Barnes talks about keeping team roping and life in perspective. read more

Jake Barnes: Never-Ending Quest for Top-Flight Horsepower

Kendra Santos

What it takes to find a top-level horse in team roping. read more

Handling Cattle is Sometimes a Luxury

Kendra Santos

Jake Barnes talks about making fast runs that eliminate technique in handling cattle. read more

Jake Barnes: Big Money Makes It All-In Time

Kendra Santos

Financial opportunity in team roping and professional rodeo read more

The Importance of a Saddle That Fits with Jake Barnes

Kendra Santos

How saddle fit affects your roping and riding. read more

Building a Better Barrier System

Kendra Santos

Jake Barnes talks about how to improve team roping as a sport. read more

California Here We Come

Kendra Santos

Jake Barnes talks about ProRodeo's California run. read more

Jake Barnes: Getting It Strait

Kendra Santos

The George Strait Team Roping Classic is the stuff team ropers' dreams are made of. read more

When to Face and When Not to Face in the Practice Pen with Jake Barnes

Kendra Santos

Barnes talks about how to face your horse in the practice pen. read more

Gearing Up for the New Season with Jake Barnes

Kendra Santos

Barnes and Nogueira plan to head back to the 2015 WNFR. read more

The Intensity of Jake Barnes | #NFR14

Jake Barnes comes back to his 26th WNFR with rookie Junior Nogueira. read more

Bright Lights and Big Money in Vegas with Jake Barnes

Kendra Santos

Jake Barnes heads to his 26th WNFR, this year with Junior Nogueira. read more

Jake Barnes Tricks to 
Handling Cattle
 at Various Speeds

Kendra Santos

Team roping heading tips from Jake Barnes on how to handle cattle read more

World Series of Team Roping

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Where-To-Rope Guide


9/15; ACTRA Roping, Brown’s Valley, (530) 701-9456 9/28; WSTR Qualifier, Norco, (909) 223-1215 10/26; WSTR Qualifier, Riverside, (909) 223-1215
11/29-12/1; Maui Classic, Makawao, (254) 968-0002
9/1-2; ACTRA Roping, Sparks, (775) 848-9387 9/4; ACTRA Roping, Reno, (618) 670-4963 9/7; ACTRA Roping, Gardnerville, (775) 781-8861 9/7; ACTRA Roping, Fernley, (775) 690-4560 10/5; ACTRA Roping, Fallon, (775) 690-4560
8/31; ACTRA Roping, Stanfield, (541) 571-1373 8/31; ACTRA Roping, Hermiston, (541) 571-1373 8/31; ACTRA Roping, Terrebonne, (541) 815-3811 9/1; ACTRA Roping, Terrebonne, (541) 815-3811 9/7; WSTR Qualifier, Pendleton, (406) 360-2225
9/7; ACTRA Roping, Colville, (509) 680-2145 9/14; ACTRA Roping, Deer Park, (509) 951-0461 9/15; ACTRA Roping, Sunnyside, (509) 945-0422 10/6; ACTRA Roping, Sunnyside, (509) 945-0422 10/7; ACTRA Roping, Colville, (509) 680-2145


9/13-14; GCPRA Rodeo Sept., Holbrook, (254) 968-0002 9/21; GCPRA Rodeo Sept., Duncan, (254) 968-0002 9/21-22; Navajo Nation Championships, Window Rock, (254) 968-0002 10/5; GCPRA Rodeo Oct., Wilcox, (254) 968-0002
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